Mamezou Developer Site Summary for January-March 2024

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The new fiscal year has begun. Here is a summary of the fourth quarter of the fiscal year 2023.

Number of Articles & Authors


In these three months, 36 articles were posted, bringing the total to 557. Although the pace of posting has slowed slightly, three new authors joined, bringing the total to over 50.




Articles on Robotics are steadily increasing.

The fifth article introduces the history and improvements of Mamezou's original robot Beanus.



This is the debut article of a new author. It discusses the similarities between Scrum and Eastern philosophy from an empirical perspective.



Articles have also been added to IoT.

Other Notable Articles




A series organizing testing in Nuxt3 has been published.

Software Design


This is also the debut article of a new author, discussing class division. The conversational style known as "Yai Method" is also a feature.

Electronics Projects


Apart from IoT, articles on electronics projects have also increased.



Articles have been published on simulating the Boids model, an artificial life model, using PyGame, and implementing a Tetris-like game in Rust. These contents remind us of the joy of programming.

AWS Certification


An article by an employee who previously wrote about achieving 12 certifications, about taking the Certified Data Engineer exam. He has achieved 13 certifications.

Site Improvements


We have added images that match the content of the articles to the sidebar of the articles. The images are generated using the OpenAI API (DALL-E-3).

AI Mameka is writing columns for the homepage and is also very active in the community, commenting on article PRs and notifying the Slack channel of daily access statistics.

In Conclusion


That's the summary for the fourth quarter of the fiscal year 2023.

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